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Changed over to Git

I've migrated this project over to the Git source control system. Also I am working on implementing some OpenGL support into the program.

Posted by dugz 2010-01-22

I'm going to work on this

A have a bit of free time right now and I'm going to see what I can do to bring this project up to speed as best I can.

Posted by dugz 2010-01-09

Planets now included in CVS code

The CVS version beyond the 0.4 release now has the planets included. Some tinkering with max speeds has been included to help prevent speeding past the stars and missing the planet systems.

A rewrite of the whole game is imminent as testing has shown some shortcomings in the current version and optimizations possible for future versions. The 0.5 release will likely feature new data structures and an updated engine because of what has been learned.

Posted by dugz 2006-12-22

Version 0.4 Released (And it works!)

This is a pretty lightweight space sim, being only a few hundred lines of Python code. Still, it can generate its own galaxy and you can now navigate around using the keyboard or mouse. Pretty cool. I hope that this is the spark needed to get this project rolling.

Posted by dugz 2006-12-17