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Tracker Now Functional

I have set up the tracker to keep track of my work and any problems that I or other users find. Please feel free to use it.

In other new I'm now using Eclipse 3.3 and I have updated to TestNG 5.6. Hopefully the newness helps make me more productive.

Posted by David Sewell 2007-07-05

Web Site Update

The website is still just one page, but now that one page is more useful and more descriptive in case anyone should stumble upon it.

Posted by David Sewell 2007-05-26

SourceDiff Update

I committed an update to SourceDiff (source code only). Here are the changes:

- changes in preparation for SWT
- cleaner separation of layers
- new loading layer
- fixed manual test class

The main goal of this change was to allow for plug-in views. This allows me to keep the existing view that uses Swing while adding a new view that uses SWT. SWT will hopefully allow for a much better view to be created with minimal amount of work. We will see if this turns out to be true or not.

Posted by David Sewell 2007-04-24

SourceDiff 0.5

Finally a new release is ready. Lots of changes went into this one. Mostly bug fixes and refactoring for this release but XML comparison is now supported as well.


Posted by David Sewell 2007-04-08

SourceDiff Update

I've updated SourceDiff once again. It's not quite ready for a new build yet, but it's close. Here is a list of the changes:

- comments are no longer parsed
- changes to the way the tree builder works
- changes to the XML format for several Java elements
- now using TestNG unit testing library
- added partial, incomplete support for comparing XML files
- added lots of new unit tests

Posted by David Sewell 2007-03-18

New Testing Library

As I was looking over the new features of jUnit4, I ran into a page comparing JUnit4 with TestNG. TestNG seems to be a lot nicer so I've decided to switch to this library. This means that I will need to change the order of each assert call since the jUnit and TestNG libraries use the exact opposite ordering for some reason, probably just to be incompatible with each other. It still seems worth it though and I will try to push through the changes along with some major reworks to the builder code as well.... read more

Posted by David Sewell 2006-11-20

SourceDiff Update (Source Only)

The source code of source diff has been significantly updated today. I don't think there is any point in making a release yet but when the new features are completed, I'll make another release available to download.

To see the most recent source, you can browse the SVN repository. Enjoy!

Posted by David Sewell 2006-07-04

SourceDiff 0.4 Released

Now that I finally have a little free time and I've got all my marks back, I've released the first version of SourceDiff. This version is still in an early form and probably has bugs and other problems. My goal is to slowly add to the features and add more unit tests for existing and new functionality as I go.

Now in case it isn't clear I'll try to explain what SourceDiff does and why it's different from the many other differencing utilities available. So first of all SourceDiff is a differencing utility. The main use of which is to compare two versions of a source file to see the changes made by oneself or by other users in a version control system. Now the reason SourceDiff is different from the others is that it strips all non-functional information from a source file and parses its structure. From there it can set up a tree for each file which can be compared with each other. The differences seen in the file will not include changes to white-space (in Java) but they would include any changes that do affect the functionality of the source code. I hope that explains it. Please use the forums if you have any comments or questions.

Posted by David Sewell 2006-06-03

SourceDiff introduction

SourceDiff is the name I have given to my computer science honours project. It is currently under development but It should be complete by April 4, 2006 as that is the final due date. Hopefully I will be making the first release shortly after that (a month) when my marks are finalized. Until then please be patient.

Posted by David Sewell 2006-03-11

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