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#13 pkg-config files missing required include path


The onto2vocabulary tool creates files that require -I/sopranoprefix/include/soprano, but soprano.pc only provides -I/sopranoprefix/include. This patch adds the required -I flag to the .pc file.


  • Sebastian Trueg

    Sebastian Trueg - 2010-03-01

    Could you please provide an example. I do not see where onto2vocabularyclass would use any soprano includes.

  • Ilkka Laukkanen

    Ilkka Laukkanen - 2010-03-02

    For me, the generated header file always has the line

    include "soprano_export.h"

    which is installed in /prefix/include/soprano. I'll try to manufacture a dummy example to recreate the problem.

  • Ilkka Laukkanen

    Ilkka Laukkanen - 2010-03-02

    (First and foremost, I should've mentioned this is on Karmic, hence Soprano 2.3.1. However, no mention in the changelog about any similar bug.)

    Dammit! Sourceforge is acting up and not allowing me to upload a sample. I put a schema file up on pastie, it's at I generated C++ code from that schema with the command

    onto2vocabularyclass --name Example --encoding rdfxml --namespace example schema.rdfs

    In the resulting header file you may see the problematic include.

  • Sebastian Trueg

    Sebastian Trueg - 2010-03-02

    I see. This is a default that is there for historical reasons. I suggest using --no-visibility-export or if you want to export the symbols in a lib --export-module.


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