#337 LAMHDI SO review ticket #5: ‘genome’


The current definition of genome reads: “a sequence collection that is the sum of genetic material within a cell or virion”

We propose small change to: “a sequence collection that represents the sequence of the sum genetic material within a cell or virion”.

As a side note, it would be nice to clarify what the final logical relationship is between SO classes (as information content entities?) and their corresponding physical/molecular sequences. For example, the relation between an SO:genome and a material genome (ie the sum genetic material of a cell), or an SO:gene and a physical/molecular gene. A Bada and Eilbeck 2011 paper proposes the relation ‘denotes’, a child of ‘is_about’, but we have reservations here . . . perhaps we can discuss on future call or separate tracker item.


  • Karen Eilbeck

    Karen Eilbeck - 2013-07-31

    Hi Matt
    Since we got the travel grant to work with you on these issues, I am making all the lamdi requests 'pending'

  • Karen Eilbeck

    Karen Eilbeck - 2013-07-31
    • status: open --> pending
    • Group: -->

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