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solidDB for MySQL / News: Recent posts

Progress made

Progress is slowing being made with the new 5.5 plugin as code is cleaned up, existing features cleaned up and new features being added and/or planned. If you have any feedback on how the plugin has, or has not, been working for you, please let use know. Also, if you have any suggestions as to new features or better ways of doing things, please don't hesitate to let us know, or send in a code patch if you have made changes to the code.

Posted by Jonathon Coombes 2012-04-29

SolidDB Becomes a MySQL 5.5 Plugin

Work is starting again as a project to make SolidDB into a viable storage engine plugin for MySQL 5.5 and beyond. Changes have commenced to implement the new plugin api and clean up the code. If you wish to become more involved in this project, please contact us and/or provide feedback and ideas through the project forums.

Posted by Jonathon Coombes 2011-12-01