#112 Program fails using 0.66+

Gordon Lack

I have a third-party script (and set of modules) which
works OK with SOAP-Lite-0,60a, but fails with 0.66+
(including the latest, 0.68).

The error message returned for the failure is:

Error: Type 'SessionHandle' can't be found in a schema
class 'SOAP::Serializer'

which is produced by the die() at line 107 in SOAP::Lite.

I'll attach a tar file containing the (tidied up) trace
of the HTTP calls and responses in teh two cases. They
seem to be very similar (expect that the 0.60a one
keeps going, as it does get the required result).

What has happened to SOAP::Lite to break things?


  • Gordon Lack

    Gordon Lack - 2006-08-14

    Trace of data passed over the network

  • Gordon Lack

    Gordon Lack - 2006-08-15

    Logged In: YES

    Oddly (given that I wasn't getting the error message from
    the next line) that uncommenting workaround *does* fix this
    specific problem for me.

    Mind you, it does skip 4-non entries on call1 and 91 on
    call2, so it does do something.

  • Gordon Lack

    Gordon Lack - 2006-08-23

    Logged In: YES

    This continues to fail in SOAP-Lite-0.69 (whose sole change
    cf: 0.68 is to remove the die() which prints my original
    error message).

    With 0.69 I get this:

    Error: WsSession->getLibraryInfo: (The service exited
    unexpectedly at gmlperl/Srs/Api/Webservices/WsService.pm
    line 205.

    This line is in the on_fault() handler for a
    SOAP_::Lite->service($wsdl) call.

    Not sure why doing nothing in an AUTOLOAD would ever not
    cause a problem, given that it must be autoloading for a reason?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    All the web services provided by www.ebi.ac.uk suffer from this same problem. Error displayed is "Type 'inputParams' can't be found in a schema class 'SOAP::Serializer'"

  • Martin Kutter

    Martin Kutter - 2007-10-04
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  • Martin Kutter

    Martin Kutter - 2007-10-04
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    Martin Kutter - 2007-10-04
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