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Animation Sequence running on Linux

Apologies for the lack of news, but Real Life keeps getting in the way of this project. Anyway, the latest news is that I have replaced the animation sequences within the SoA pox files with png files. They used to be a custom bitmap format. This reduces the file sizes a little and makes them easier to decode.

To ensure it is working, I created a small animation demo showing the main character and a dot having a bit of fight. Using certain keys you can toggle hair and clothes, just to make sure the animation sequences is working the way it should. Thanks to cragwolf who compiled the code on Linux and you can now see the screen shot in the screen shots section of this project.... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2007-03-11

Finally some progress on Siege of Avalon

I recently managed to cross-compile the new version on Windows and Linux using FreePascal ( ), and got the Intro and MainMenu interfaces working, but there is still much to do to get the engine working. Theoretically since it compiles with FreePascal, the engine should also work on MacOS X as well when it is done.

Once the engine port is done it should still be compatible with chapters 1-6.... read more

Posted by Dominique Louis 2004-09-14