#4 Scenario Editor improvements


Here's the list of improvements for the next Scenario

1)Ability to export the pictures of maps into either gif
or jpg format.

2)More map tiles. Where to start? Any map tiles that
is just vertical, needs a horizontal version. Horizontal
stairs are needed and ways to show a building is wide
without adding more walking space. Also, diagonal
tiles would be nice. The "smoother" function needs to
be adjusted to allow for tall structures, and to allow
certain blocks to be placed next to each other without
changing things.

3)basic copy, paste, and cut functions need to be
added for objects.

4)a much easier way to specifiy level numbers for

5)Ability to resize the map.

6)Zoom in/Zoom out ability so you can look at the
entire map at once without resorting to the radar view.

7)Ability to copy parts of one map and place it
directly in another map.


  • Zardus

    Zardus - 2004-06-17

    Logged In: YES

    With all the changes that Openglad-e has been undergoing,
    the old scenario editor code needs a major rewrite to even
    compile properly. Most likely, we're just gonna toss it and
    write up a new one, but we'll try to implement all the
    features above.

  • Daniel Paul Hightower

    Logged In: YES

    Well, I think it's only appropriate to go back here to see
    the things that I need to make Jesse able to do.

    I'm mostly done with item #1. I have some ideas on how to
    implement #6. I plan on doing #3 indirectly.

    I have conceptual ideas about implementing #7.


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