#21 XMPP Presence integration


inspired by http://blog.abi.sh/2009/silent-diving-seagulls/

i think XMPP should give one more unnoticed feature here

XMPP allows number of clients (read: computers, phones, etc) be connected to one account. Each can have its own priority and here/busy/away status.

what it might come to – is forwarding Growl notifications to where am i, following user.

of course, some RFID token woud be best suited technically, it woulld not hapen.

OTOH i easily imagine that with few computers in family i would have 2 jabber cients switched to away due to long idle, and one active. Or some modern wi-fi enbleld phone with me. And so if i am not at computer, then phone would get only high-priority Growl messages, others are lost. If i am at computer – then all messages goes to computer.

This however misses full-screen applications (like games and video), which makes computer inuts not-idle, yet notification should act like it is idle.


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