Oliver Schwartz - 2004-05-27

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> I'm running kernel 2.6.6 using libusb. Also, I get this
> message in dmesg:

there are some known problems with the combination of
libusb, kernel 2.6 and the snapscan backend. Unfortunately I
haven't been able to reproduce them here, my 620UT has
been working fine with libusb for ~2 years.

> Also, what is interesting is that the ProductID
> reported on my system differs from the
> /etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf file. As sane-find-scanner
> said, it's 0x2060, not 0x2040 as in the config file.
> Thus I tried to add the following line to
> snapscan.conf, but without results:

I've given up on sorting out Acer's model numbering. My
620UT reports itself with ID 0x2040, other people reported
there 640U using ID 0x2060. Since there seems to be no
difference between those scanners the ID is not important, it
just has to appear anywhere in snapscan.conf.

I've made some changes to the snapscan backend that should
resolve most issues with libusb and kernel 2.6 - at least some
people have reported that their problems disappeared.
Therefore I suggest that you try the latest version of the
snapscan backend from SANE CVS (you can get a daily
snapshot from http://www.sane-project.org/snapshots/ ).

However, if your scanner is never detected by
sane-find-scanner (even after a reboot and power-cycling the
scanner) there is probably something else wrong with your
USB setup. Maybe some other USB device blocks the bus.
Sometimes the hotplug agent gets in the way, too, you may
try to disable it.