#67 Problem with Snapscan 1212u_2 and libusb


I have been using the Snapscan backend on a Linux ix86 system
with the usb scanner module for a long time with no problems. I
recently switched to kernel 2.6.3 and due to the fact that the
scanner module no longer exist I have to use libusb. I found out
that the 1212u_2 will work only if "Quality Calibration" is turned off.
When it is turned on, it produces an I/O error. Attached is a
verbrose log from SANE and part of my kernel log.

Thank you for your attention.


  • Charles Philip Chan

    Part of my SANE and Kernel Logs

  • jubenvi

    jubenvi - 2004-03-01

    Logged In: YES

    Did you get it working by disabling Quality Calibration?
    Must this be changed in the source files or can it be passed as a
    command line option?

  • Oliver Schwartz

    Oliver Schwartz - 2004-05-04

    Logged In: YES

    Please retry your test with sane-backends-1.0.14. It's
    supposed to have a workaround for buggy USB chipsets that
    have some negative side effects on 2.6 kernels with libusb.
    Also check that you have upgraded your hotplug package to a
    version that works correctly on 2.6.


  • Oliver Schwartz

    Oliver Schwartz - 2004-06-23

    Logged In: YES

    sane-backends-1.0.14 introduces some other problems for the
    1212u_2. They should be fixed in SANE CVS.


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