#44 AcerScan 620U Prisa not working


I have been trying to get my USB Acerscan scanner to
work with Linux (Redhat 7.2; 2.4.7-10 kernel).

I have tried using SANE 1.0.7. and 1.0.6. and the
snapscan-20020205 and snapscan-20020209 libraries.

One item of interest may be that the product id
reported by my hardware (/proc/bus/usb/devices) is
different from the one on snapscan.sourceforge.net:
mine is 0x04a5 0x2060 (rather than ..0x2040)

I am using the firmware U96V121.BIN (but have also
tried U64V120.BIN and U34V101.BIN -- they don't work,
and seem to fail earlier that U96..).
I am attaching error logs from scanimage
(SANE_DEBUG_SNAPSCAN=10) as follows:

sel-1-1.txt : sane-1.0.6, no snapscan upgrade, after
power up of scanner
sel-1-2.txt : sane-1.0.6, no snapscan upgrade;
immediately after sel-1-1.txt

sel-2-1.txt : sane-1.0.6, snapscan-20020209, after
power up of scanner
sel-2-2.txt : sane-1.0.6, snapscan-20020209;
immediately after sel-2-1.txt

sel-3-1.txt : sane-1.0.7, no snapscan upgrade, after
power up of scanner
sel-3-2.txt : sane-1.0.7, no snapscan upgrade;
immediately after sel-3-1.txt

sel-4-1.txt : sane-1.0.7, snapscan-20020205, after
power up of scanner
sel-4-2.txt : sane-1.0.7, snapscan-20020205;
immediately after sel-4-1.txt

sel-5-1.txt : sane-1.0.7, snapscan-20020209, after
power up of scanner
sel-5-2.txt : sane-1.0.7, snapscan-20020209;
immediately after sel-5-1.txt


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    Sorry, it seems that your log files were not correctly
    attached. If you still have problems, mail me the log files
    directly (oliverschwartz@users.sourceforge.net)



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    I have exact same problem.

    However, http://snapscan.sourceforge.net does not list a USB
    ID. Have I misunderstood the docs and it should read 0x04a5,

    "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" gives:- 0x04a5, 0x2060 for me.


    using U96V121.BIN.

    I have windows on another machine and access to a USB spy
    utility. I hope I can be of assistance.

    When I start programs such as "scanimage" the output of

    "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" changes so that
    "FlatbedScanner13" is no longer listed on the ID String.

    I also get messages such as "Scanner.c: write_scanner: NAK
    recieved" and timeout messages. When I soft-reset my bios
    fails to scan the ide bus, freezing at the stage of
    detecting hard drives. I then have to do a hard reset or
    turn off.

    To the user who also had problems: what motherboard did you
    use? - I'm using VIA and NVidia card.

    Good luck with dev I hope I can help!

    - jago25_98@hotmail.com


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