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Simple Smtp Client / News: Recent posts

After a long wait, 1.2 is out!!

thats right, the new release 1.2 is finally out, with the Authenticvation support and Settings.

So go and download it now :)

Posted by Jónatan Nílsson 2005-10-31

New Release with loads of changes

That's right, the new release is out with loads of changes.

* Added full Menu strip
* Added Help v1.0 (Real time helper)
* Added About This application
* Added functions like: Copy, Paste, Cut and Select All (Note: all functions only point to Main Input, i.e. the Main Content of the e-mail)
* Save and Open saved messages (that's right!!!)

And that is it :)

Posted by Jónatan Nílsson 2005-09-26

First release sent!!!

thats right, the first release of this project has been sent, so fire up your download managers and download the new release :)

The first release should be bugs-free (very simple program so how could there be bugs ;) )

Website wil be created sometime (when i have time) and i will try to add as many updates as possible.

Posted by Jónatan Nílsson 2005-09-21