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  • Bill Bradley

    Bill Bradley - 2009-08-03

    Google shows cached documentation here: , but, don't seem to be able to find it live.  Does documentation exist?


    • skissinger

      skissinger - 2009-08-04

      Sad!  I can't find the wiki anymore either.  That's really sad.  I helped with some of that wiki...  For now, look at the google cached copy.  I'll grab the data myself... and probably duplicate it elsewhere.  Likely over on MyITforum as a temporary home until Roger can figure out what's up with the wiki here.

      • Bill Bradley

        Bill Bradley - 2009-08-04

        OK, thanks!  Thought it was just me...<G>

    • Roger

      Roger - 2009-08-04

      Ooops, the Wiki space does no longer exist.... it seems that SF has changed the wiki provider. A new Wiki space is requested, but  I'm not sure if the old page can be migrated..

      (seems I have to read the mails from SF more carefully :-)

      @Sherry, can you keep your copy of the old wiki space until we know if the page can be migrated ?

      • skissinger

        skissinger - 2009-08-05

        Yes, I've got it.  I didn't have time to wiki it onto myitforum (work got in the way...)  I'll see if I can upload is as a doc, if not, I'll email it to you to post as a word doc or pdf download for people to grab for now.


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