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#609 weird behavior after pausing video

Jay Philips

i've noticed that if a video is playing and i press pause, sometimes when i press unpause, the video will not start playing, so i press the rewind1 key to skip back and then it will play again. also noticed that when i press the rewind1 or forward1 keys, that the time slider jumps to the beginning point and the seek time turns into 00:00:-9, as can be seen in the attachment.

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  • Ricardo Villalba

    The problem with the video not playing after pause seems to be related to the audio driver. Go to preferences -> general -> audio and select another one, and see if it works better.

  • Jay Philips

    Jay Philips - 2014-01-15

    I changed the audio driver to pulse and the pause/unpause issue was solved most of the time, but i had noticed other times that when i unpause, the audio would continue to play but the video would stall, and when i press rewind1 it jumps back from where the video stopped. this didnt happen all the time, but i noticed it happened a few times with webm files.


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