#600 Jump keys stop working after load other video.


First of all sorry for my bad English.

This is a bug which happens from EVER, inclusive in UmPlayer, really I can't imagina why never fixed this bug in years.

When you have SMplayer/UmPlayer minimized and you load another video, the jump keys (short jump, middle jump, large jump) stop working.

Steps to reproduce this bug:

  1. Load a video into smplayer/umplayer.

  2. Minimize the UI to the taskbar.

  3. Double click on another video to load into smplayer/umplayer.

At this point you can't use the jump keys.

Temporal solution:

  1. When the second video is loaded, minimize again the UI and restore it from taskbar.


  • Ricardo Villalba

    What version of smplayer and what operating system are you using?

    I've just tested with the very latest version of smplayer (0.8.6 svn r5929) in ubuntu 12.04, and I can't reproduce the problem.

  • mario lopez moreno

    Thankyou for answer, then maybe the bug is only produced in Windows.

    My actual OS is Windows 8 x64, but time ago I got Windows 7 x64 and happened the same problem.

    I'm using now the oficial stable release "MPlayer 0.8.6 (x64)" (portable), but this happens too with the installer version and like I've said before this happens also with all versions that I've installed in these years of x86/x64 architecture and also happens the same bug with stable version 0.98 of UMplayer.

    The thing is that, when the UI is minimized and you double click on a video to load it in SMPlayer then the UI window is automatically restored from the minimized state to normal state to play that video, but the hotkeys don't works, you need to minimize the windows again and restore it manually from the taskbar,
    or in other words, load a video file when the smplayer window is at normal state, otherwise, if smplayer window is minimized to taskbar, the hotkeys will not work when loading a video file.

    Could you reproduce the error this time?

    You'll need any kind of more information?

    PS: Sorry for my bad English

    Last edit: mario lopez moreno 2013-12-01
  • Ricardo Villalba

    Yes, I could reproduce it in windows vista, when using the defaultgui but it works ok with the skingui.

  • mario lopez moreno

    Not in my case, I'm using (I always used) the GUI with skin support, in both SMPlayer/UMPlayer, in SMPlayer I have selected the skin GUI + Modern Skin + Default Style, (I've don't tested the bug with the default gui).

    Then this bug could be fixed?

    Last edit: mario lopez moreno 2013-12-02

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