#565 The left mouse function is not working how it should on Smplayer 0.8.4


The left mouse function is not working how it should on Smplayer 0.8.4.
I set it always to Play/Pause but it only works now if click many times random over the video and sometimes nothing happens.

This problem is the Same with the Smplyer ppa on Kubuntu 12.04 and Chakra linux and OpenSUSE 12.3 KDE:Extra


  • Ricardo Villalba

    I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with gnome classic and I can't reproduce your problem, the left mouse works as expected.

    Anyway, try to switch on/off the option "move the window when the video area is dragged" in preferences -> interface and see if there's any difference.

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  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-03-25

    Ok I tried on/off the option "move the window when the video area is dragged"

    it makes no difference

    it worked with the 0.8.3 perfect so what has changed?
    I do not think this can be a problem with KDE or not?

    and look at this the left mouse option looks somehow different from the other options on KDE

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  • Ricardo Villalba

    I checked all changes since v. 0.8.3 and maybe the problem could be caused by change 4934 ("Ignore other mouse events if the window is been moved by dragging the video area").

    Could you try to compile revision 4933 and see if the left mouse button works well?

    You can get it with:

    svn co -r 4933 https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/smplayer/smplayer/trunk smplayer-r4933

    If it works well then compile 4934 and see if the problem reappears.

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  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-03-25

    sorry I do not know how to compile a program but on OpenSUSE I made an upgrade from the standard repo to the KDE:Extra repo to upgrade to 0.8.4 when I noticed the same problem I have downgraded Smplayer to 0.8.3 and problem was gone.

    I can now say the left mouse option do not work at all any more.
    her a link to the Chakra forum I noticed the bug first on Chakra
    maybe someone will post something useful

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  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-03-25

    I tried Uplayer 0.98.1 the fork of Smplayer it do not have the same problem only saying maybe this helps?

  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-03-26

    Ok I have tried Lubuntu 12.10 on Virtulbox with Smplayer ppa and the left mouse option work as it should so is it a problem of KDE or Qt?

  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-03-27

    OK I have tried Smplyer 0.8.4 on OpenSUSE 12.3 only with Openbox and the left mouse option works without a problem.

    The Problem appears only with KDE and Razor-qt so what's the problem at all?

  • Ricardo Villalba

    I think the problem is caused by revision 4934. I've just reimplemented it (svn r 5288) in a different way. Maybe this fixes this bug, but I'm not sure because I can't reproduce the problem in my system.

  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-03-27

    Thanks for your work Ricardo I really like Smplayer so I will wait for the next update and see if is solved and Chakra Linux will be the first with the update when it comes.

    I think you can easy reproduce the problem if you install Razor-qt via PPA with any window manager and without KDE so if you are scared of a too big KDE installation .

  • Ricardo Villalba

    I think the problem is not fixed yet.

  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-03-29

    It seems you have reproduced the problem and I hope you can solve it yet.

    Good luck for the bug tracking :D

  • Kamek

    Kamek - 2013-04-08

    Same issue here with SMPlayer 0.8.4, left click and even right click functions are messed up (I also use Play / Pause on left click, and Go backward (short) on right click), only wheel seems to work normally (set on media seeking). I just tried UMPlayer and mouse buttons work normally.
    I'm running Arch x86_64 / KDE btw.
    Good luck fixing this !

  • Jakadinho

    Jakadinho - 2013-04-22

    Same problem on chakra linux KDE. 8.3 is working without problem.

    I was shure i will be the only one using this function, im glad you guys use it too.

  • NatsuPower

    NatsuPower - 2013-05-10

    Ok the update to Smplayer 0.8.5 solved the problem it works all fine now.

    Thanks :D

    edit: how to make this post solved or closed?

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