#535 SMPlayer can't disable the screensaver in Arch Linux ,Fedora

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I use Arch Linux and gnome 3.6. In smplayer 0.8.1-1 there is an option to disable the screensaver, but it does not work.
The tick box is checked by default but still it doesn't work.

SMPlayer > Options> Preferences > General > Video > Disable Screensaver.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open SMPlayer
2. Load a Movie
3. Wait.... wait... SCREENSAVER.... (ruins the movie).
But vlc works fine.


  • hadrons123

    hadrons123 - 2012-11-04
    • summary: SMPlayer can't disable the screensaver in Arch Linux --> SMPlayer can't disable the screensaver in Arch Linux ,Fedora
  • hadrons123

    hadrons123 - 2012-11-04

    I have added fedora 18 with Gnome 3.6 to the list as it has the same issues. I tried switching to gnome screensaver 3.4 but it didn't help.

  • Ricardo Villalba

    Did you try this?

    (From the FAQ)

    The screensaver doesn't turn off, why?

    If you use a recent version of MPlayer you may need to add a line like this in your ~/.mplayer/config:

    heartbeat-cmd="gnome-screensaver-command -p &>/dev/null"

    heartbeat-cmd="dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface enable false &>/dev/null && dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface enable true &>/dev/null"


    Anyhow, if the screensaver is not disabled it's a problem of mplayer or the screensaver, not smplayer.

  • hadrons123

    hadrons123 - 2012-11-05

    The workaround doesn't help in Fedora 18.
    but smplayer with xscreensaver in xfce with workaround given in FAQ does work prperly.


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