#517 DVD Subtitles (.sub) don't appear on the screen.

windows (109)

Fist of all, thank you for providing a Windows build of smplayer, it work great.

This is a bug from the mplayer build (redxiii build), officialy shipped with SMPlayer 0.8.0.
But i have found a little bug with DVD Subtitles (.sub files) with the GL2 Render. They don't appear on the screen.
They do work with other render (direct3D for exemple), however.

It is not SMPlayer (0.8.0), i have tested mplayer directly (mplayer -vo gl2 myfile.mkv) with and without gl2.
I have tested the lastest build disponible on soundforge (06_2012/mplayer-svn-34992), doesn't work.
Also, i have tested the unstable portable build (, doesn't work neither.

On Linux (Fedora 17) it working.

Here the log file of MPlayer : http://saturne2k5.free.fr/mplayer.log
Here the log file of SMPlayer : http://saturne2k5.free.fr/smplayer.log
Here the small video file for test (13 seconds long, 1,17mo) : http://saturne2k5.free.fr/a--001.mkv

OS : Windows 7
SMPlayer version : 0.8.0
MPlayer Build : /06_2012/mplayer-svn-34992 and /04_2012/mplayer-svn-34835-2

Best Regards,


  • Josh

    Josh - 2012-07-07

    Set it to User defined, and in the text box provided to the right, enter this:


    I tried an older version of MPlayer (r33216, not mine) and it has the same issue.

    Can you tell me the version of MPlayer in Fedora, and if possible the logs as well. It could be they automatically use 'gl2:yuv=0' when gl2 is specified.

  • Bioniz

    Bioniz - 2012-07-07
    • status: open --> open-works-for-me
  • Bioniz

    Bioniz - 2012-07-07

    gl2:yuv=0 worked ! Thank you !

    But i was wrong i didn't work on linux in standart gl2/gl2(yuv), we still need to enter manually gl2:yuv=0. I'm sorry for that. (i though i was on gl2 but i was on xv... :/)

    Since it's the same problem, i don't made a log, but if you really need one for whatever reason, i would gladly offer my help.

    So in the end, to avoid this bug, it seem smplayer need to have gl2:yuv=0 instead of gl2 in the preset.

    Thank you again, it work very well, very appreciated !

    Best Regards,

  • Josh

    Josh - 2012-07-08

    I tried an ancient version of mplayer (r28311) and it doesn't exhibit this problem, it seems to use yuv=0 by default on gl2 and didn't need to be specified like that, but some change since then is causing it to use yuv=3 and OSD/subs don't work on anything other than yuv=0.

    It would be trivial to add an extra option for yuv=0 or make gl2 use yuv=0.


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