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Smooth GTK Engine Bug fix

Due to a major theme switch crasher discovered in GNOME head, a Bug Fix version of the Smooth GTK Engine has been released, replacing the 0.6.0 files. This bug could cause random applications to crash upon changing the GTK theme via the gnome-theme-manager.

Additionally some minor focus line bugs which broke the apearance of themes with thick solid focus lines on widgets were fixed.

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2005-02-03

Smooth GTK Engine 0.6.0 Release

A new release of Smooth has finally arrived, with a massive overhaul of much of the code, several bug fixes, along with several new bugs of course, and a few new features.

Version 0.6.0 offers a new arrow part syntax capable of configuring arrows per direction per state to enable highly complex arrow styles, a new stepper part to allow configuring scrollbar/spin button steppers fill and arrows individually, improvements to the GTK1 engine to theme lists/trees as their gtk2 counterparts, the new ability to embed buttons in combo's and spinbuttons for cleaner looks(only gtk2) and other misc minor improvments.

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2004-12-20

Smooth Engine/Themes 0.5.8 Released

Given the current instability of Smooth CVS head, and the incompatibility of 0.5.6 with GTK+ 2.4, a new bug fix release 0.5.8 has been made, including updates to the themes, thanks to sub_pop's help. While there are still a few known bugs, overall this release is more stable, being more backward compatible to 0.2 themes if not entirely accurately, slightly better gtk1 integration; and improved theming of the new gtk2.4 widgets, hopefully without breaking support for compiling against older gtk. Enjoy!

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2004-06-21

Smooth 0.5.6 Released

Smooth 0.5.6 has finally been released, this highly customizable gtk engine now has the ability to theme focus colours per states, button default indicator(triangle eg.) , far faster speeds, and many more minor improvements, along with many small(And occasionally large) bug fixes. Continues to backward compatible with 0.5.2 and 0.5.4 themes.

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2003-12-17

Smooth 0.5.4 Released

Smooth 0.5.4 has finally been released, this highly customizable gtk engine now has fill=pixbuf/file[state] support to allow using pixbuf's in smooth itself instead of with bg_pixbuf, which provides far faster speeds, along with many small(And occasionally large) bug fixes.

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2003-08-23

Smooth-0.5.2 SuSE-8.2 RPMS

Walter Muellner has made up some Smooth engine and theme RPMS for SuSE-8.2 i686. I haven't tested them myself but check em out if you are interested!

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2003-05-01

gentoo e-builds

sub_pop has submitted a gentoo e-builds package for the 0.5.2 engine and themes the file is called smooth-0.5.2.e-builds.tar.gz

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2003-04-19

Deb's repository, and wishlist bug

sub_pop has put up a debian repository for Smooth 0.5.2 :

deb binary/

and ross has submitted a debian wishlist bug at|Smooth

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2003-04-19

Smooth 0.5.2 deb's

sub_pop_culture has submitted gtk and gtk2 .deb's for the gtk-smooth-engine and smooth-themes packages. Check em out!

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2003-04-15

Smooth 0.5.2

Smooth 0.5.2 has been released. This is mostly a cleanup/minor bug fixes release, but anyone who uses Smooth probably wants it anyway. There are now also RH9 RPM's.

Posted by Andrew Johnson 2003-04-15

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