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SMIPL is back

After quite a long time of silence, the SMIPL project is back. The implementation is undergoing a total rewrite to become even more future-proof. Starting today, the SMIPL Software Environment will be based on .NET, making it easier to extend.

Posted by the_student 2011-07-28

SMIPL Lives on

Even though it is a long time since our last update, I can assure you that SMIPL is still in development. Due to school I have personally have not been able to give SMIPL the time it deserves, however I am happy to report that as of today SMIPL has a new console API, SDL. This change was deemed neccessary to facilitate further evolution, text-only interfaces are not what many programmers want these days, and as such we are giving SMIPL these new functions. We hope that our VFS will be enjoyed by both users and developers, and also that these new technologies will facilitate greater imagination and developement. ... read more

Posted by the_student 2009-11-18

Introducing the SMIPL-50cc beta for Windows

For those of who do not want to compile the latest SMIPL beta in order to enjoy the latest technology, there is now a pro-compiled version for Windows. It gives you the same technologies as compiling it your self, but with fewer files, and it is ready to use right out of the box. Not even installation is necessary.

Posted by the_student 2009-08-17

SMIPL-50cc beta release

With the finished version of SMIPL only weeks away, today is a good day for a beta.
It is not feature complete, but it is quite stable, even though there are still some parts missing, such as mac os x midi. So test, investigate, and enjoy one of our best versions soo far.
If you have any questions, we have forums, if you find any bugs (which we by the way hope is found in a beta rather than a stable release), we use MantisBT. if you have a patch, that fixes a previously known bug, them use MantisBT.
If you have a patch that adds functionality, then you should add it to our forums, as a new thread under open discussion.

Posted by the_student 2009-08-16

Anouncing the SMIPL-tagline competition

Formulate the SMIPL-way, vote.

Posted by the_student 2009-08-04

Introducing Charles

In 1859 Charles Darwin introduced "On the Origin of Species".
In 1999, 150 years after Darwins book, Apple introduced Darwin, the Mac OS X core
In 2009, SMIPL introduced Project Charles, to bring SMIPL to Mac OS X.

Posted by the_student 2009-08-04

SMIPL does a GOSUB Version

Today I am pleased to say that SMIPL has reached a new milestone we are now Subversion users, and we have also fixed a gosub bug among others, we will be coming out with a new version soon and therefore I would like to invite you the Get-It-While-It's-Hot beta testing, to do a final bug-squashing, before the next release, I would like to celebrate that SMIPL is soon to be considered stable once again.

Posted by the_student 2009-07-13

SMIPL - The power is in you!

The power behind SMIPL is not that it is that it is platform unindependant, or that let's you use computers in ways you never thought possible, or that it simplfies the use of algorithms. Lets just explain it like this, if you know english, you know SMIPL.

Posted by the_student 2009-05-22

SMIPL - The beginning of a new era

In the old days, computers tended to be complex to use, hard to learn, and difficult to understand. Even though much has improved, the developement of CLIs, TUIs, GUIs, and programming languages, however you still had to know what the computer was doing, and the information from one platform could not be used on another platform, so if you wanted to use two different machines, you had to learn them both. ... read more

Posted by the_student 2009-05-15

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