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SMI 0.3.4 Final release

SHOUTcast Management Interface 0.3.4 packages are now up for grabs at - available as compressed tar and zipped archives. This version is regarded the first release of SMI that should run without problems on Windows systems, although all Windows versions and software constellations have not been tested. A bit of updates and structural changes have been done to the code and core functionality. All settings, except for database connect info, are now handled via web on SMI's Settings page.

Posted by K Resset 2009-11-20

SMI 0.3.4 Release Candidate 1

Available for download now. This is the first SMI package that can be expected to run on Windows, except for the AutoDJ/media/playlist part which will be the main update for version 0.3.5. A guide to Windows installation can be found in our project wiki:

Posted by K Resset 2009-11-11

SMI now runs in Windows

Upcoming release of SHOUTcast Management Interface is undergoing a major revision of code to make it multi-platform. Version 0.3.4 will have stable creation, edit and deletion of streaming servers also for Windows.

An improved AutoDJ and media/playlist management for both platforms will follow in version 0.3.5.

There will be a release candidate package available for download some time during Nov 9 from the project web page -

Posted by K Resset 2009-11-09

SMI 0.3.3 released

SHOUTcast Management Interface version 0.3.3 is now released and available for download at

Main changes:
- Convenient step-by-step web installation
- All SMI settings stored in database
- MRTG graph updating controlled via web
- Vital bug fixing and general code cleanup

Posted by K Resset 2009-11-04

SMI 0.3.3 pre-release available

A pre-release of SHOUTcast Management Interface (SMI) version 0.3.3 is available for download as of 2009-11-02. This corresponds to revision 794 in the SVN repository. With some additional tuning, a final release of 0.3.3 will be due shortly.
In the meantime, you are encouraged to test out the pre-release and give us valuable feedback.

Posted by K Resset 2009-11-02

Bugs / Docs moved to TRAC

All SMI tickets, documentation and further reading are now available via TRAC. Please direct your questions there.

I feel that it is a much more unified place to store docs and help users. This will allow us to be much more responsive to inquiries and tickets.


Posted by S Harvanek 2009-05-08

SMI v0.3.2 Released!

SMI Version 0.3.2 is available for download as of 2009-04-05.

Thanks to the assistance of a new developer `resset` who has added some nice sorting to the media file listing along with better ID3 tag handling.

resset has also added suggestive port base configuration when adding a new server so you know what the next available port is on your server.

We believe this is a very good release and a good step in the direction SMI should be going. ... read more

Posted by S Harvanek 2009-04-06

Additional Developer - SMI 0.2.x feature list!

First and foremost; We'd like to thank MrStatic for joining our development team. He will be contributing both web based install and upgrade scripts. No more cli for the base of the install, this will assist in some users that are not comfortable with using the cli. The cli option will still be available however the web based side will be much more maintained.

Secondly, We're beginning to polish up the 0.2.x series of SMI and there are tons of new features coming.
- Auto DJ
Yes, you will be able to upload media, create playlists, and stream to your servers all with the ease of a point and click.... read more

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-11-27

Calling all SMI users

Attention users, I have begun work on the next version of SMI. I am desperately in need of bug reports and feature requests for ideas and to be alerted it issues that people may be having. So, if you use SMI and would like to see a new feature or perhaps there is a issue you've noticed please fill out a bug report or open a thread in the forum(s).

Scott H.

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-10-21

SMI Version 0.2 in the oven

The next version of SMI is in the oven, while cooking @ 350 degrees, ETA is a few days till it is released, I have to polish some stuff up as well as package it.


Posted by S Harvanek 2008-09-14

SMI Version 0.1 Released

The first stable release of SMI has been released. We are very excited about this release as it marks the culmination of months of hard work. I hope everyone that uses it enjoys and if you have any problems/questions/concerns please do not hesitate to contact myself or Ben (Triphius) or of course the best option is to open a bug report or join our mailing lists.

Thanks again for everyone that instilled excitement in this release.... read more

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-04-13

SMI SVN Snapshot 20080329

Big updates
-Aggregate listener graphs
-Better interoperability between linux OS flavors
-User management is well on it's way to being fully functional.

Very solid release and if you check out from SVN you will be able to easily upgrade :)

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-03-29

SVN Snapshot 20080320

The latest snapshot (20080320) is completely working in both stand alone servers and relays. MRTG graphing for all servers, this is a milestone in that everything "works" except user levels which is next on the chopping block. For now however this is a very good release. If you need assistance please join the mailing list. Also I recommend checking the files out of subversion so that updating is easy, I'm running a live server using this software and hot upgrading via SVN without issue! :)... read more

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-03-21

New SVN Snapshot

There is a new SVN snapshot available for those who don't want to check out of SVN directly. This update includes many changes to the file structure so if you are using a current version of SMI please svn up or erase your installation and place this in it's place, you will need to then edit and save any existing servers to reload the conf files which have been modified. Also this takes use of only 1 shoutcast daemon instead of multiple daemons and each server is now tracked by pid number instead of server name! Enjoy!... read more

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-03-18


There will be another SVN snapshot released tomorrow (Mon Mar 17th). This update will have numerous improvements over the snapshot that was released only a day ago.

However it is still far from completion so user beware.

That is all.

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-03-17

New snapshot

There is a new development snapshot available that should be at the very least a functional version.

We always suggest that you use SVN to checkout code if possible so that it is easy to update.

Posted by S Harvanek 2008-03-15


Development has been moved from CVS to SVN.

Posted by scott harvanek 2008-02-06

Work resumes

Hey there everyone, it's nearly been 2 years since I put any work into this project, however I found the time and desire once again to restart work. Expect new SVN revisions within the next week!!

Posted by scott harvanek 2008-02-06

Beta 01

The first official public beta of the SMI system has been released!

Posted by scott harvanek 2006-05-17

Alpha 3

Alpha 3 is out with some code fixes and cleanup, we're moving closer to the beta stage.

Posted by scott harvanek 2006-04-08

Updates, Updates, Updates

Well round 1 of alpha tests are going well, we will be bringing on another coder here shortly to work on graphics for SMI to make it look a bit nicer now that most of the functionality is in place and working. Expect the first Beta release sometime coming up this next week!

Posted by scott harvanek 2006-03-26

Alpha test 2

Added quite a few features to make the system much more easy to navigate and user friendly.

Posted by scott harvanek 2006-03-23

Initial Alpha Release

Well since I buckled down and did some work tonight the initial release has been published, please note that this is super-alpha.... so if you are planning to use this in a production environment please wait a few weeks till we have a stable/production release available.

Posted by scott harvanek 2006-03-22

Upcoming Release

SMI will be releasing it's first version by the end of next week, this version will include the full functionality to create, edit, and view statistics of a astronomical amount of shoutcast servers with the ease of a web based interface.

Posted by scott harvanek 2006-03-22