#14 2.0.0 BETA1 does not build with mingw


Removing all the references to the missing
from the main makefile I was able to
build 'libsmartwin.a' at least but all those
SmartWin::createFont link errors are way to
much to fix myself.

I'll try to build from CVS later.
Nevertheless a working next release
would be great.


  • Sebastian Pipping

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    the latest from cvs didn't take me too far either.
    please let me know when it builds so I can learn
    how to use SmartWin, not compile it.

  • Conrado PLG

    Conrado PLG - 2006-05-27

    Logged In: YES

    The MingW makefiles are not up to date, sorry, they will
    probably be fixed in the next release. You can use Dev-C++
    to compile the library, though, through the .dev project.

  • Sebastian Pipping

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    I wasted more time on this whoch was a mistake.
    SmartWin++ might be great but it should work out of the box.
    Also consider moving from DevCpp to Code::Blocks which
    I did since DevCpp
    * is dead
    * reparses two many files two often
    * compiles files that did not change.
    * seems to associate files not chosen in installer

    Maybe I'll come back for SmartWin++ 2.0 final.

  • Sebastian Pipping

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry for my tone - I was very frustrated at that time.
    In fact I would love to work with SmartWin++ without
    any trouble since it is my last hope on C++ gui in Win32
    in a way. Sorry, if I was offending you.


  • Thomas Hansen

    Thomas Hansen - 2006-05-31

    Logged In: YES

    No problem...
    Basically we've got a couple of problems which is that some
    of us (developers in project) are extremely busy at the
    moment and for my case it doesn't seem like it's gonna be
    any better for a while.
    So I'm gonna focus on the stuff I can do FAST and that I can
    do BEST (which means bugs and features in the core, e.g.
    message dispatching system etc)
    Peter (the guy who originally made the build files) is also
    extremely busy, especially now after he has become the admin
    of Loki.
    And since I would spend ALOT of time fixing the build system
    (since I'm really not that good in make files etc) I'm gonna
    prioritize doing the stuff I do best and therefor at the
    moment we're kind of dependant upon either Peter getting
    more time (to fix the build system) or others to help us out...

    If you like (and you're good in make files logic) feel free
    to send me an email and some initial changes (just to prove
    you're not a rookie) and I'll give you write access to the CVS.
    This way you could do tha changes yourself! :)
    And thereby get some "fame and glory" plus a working
    product... :)
    There shouldn't be much bugs at the current time in SW
    that'll show up in MingW, and if there are any one of us
    could probably fix those in a flash, but at the moment we
    really need someone with "make files" knowledge...
    Also since very few people actually uses the make files raw
    (instead of Dev-C++) this is difficult to prioritize for us
    right now...

    Though we DO have it on our block anyway before the upcoming


  • Sebastian Pipping

    Logged In: YES

    The patch attached fixes the Mingw makefiles
    except for the 'iolib' example which I excluded
    from building because it produced quite strange
    build errors here.

    My interest in SmartWin is constantly growing
    but I sure will not be the future makefile guy.
    This time was fun and a challenge nevertheless.

    Allowing me to apply future patches by giving
    me developer access is a good idea. Supposing
    I don't need to pass any more rookie tests...



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