#69 Fix incorrect timezones (Part 2)

Kim Davies

The timezones for the rest of Australia are lacking
(no daylight savings options), plus all they are
named with acronyms not used in Australia (WAS, CAS,
EAS, instead of the proper AWST, ACST, AEST). The
second patch corrects that.

I have seperated the two patches, because changing
the acronyms may have some undesirable effects on
existing user configs. I don't know the Slash code so
I am merely speculating.


  • Kim Davies

    Kim Davies - 2002-01-01

    Fix Australian timezones

  • Kim Davies

    Kim Davies - 2002-01-04

    Fix Australian timezones (revised)

  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2002-01-04

    Logged In: YES

    I left in the old ones in the defaults file. Perhaps in the
    next major release, we'll include a script to convert from
    the old ones, and then remove them. But the old ones now
    have the correct values for the western TZs. Thanks.

  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2002-01-04
    • assigned_to: nobody --> cmdrtaco
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2002-01-04
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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