#53 story regionalization

Tim Larson

Add another field similar to topic and section when
submitting stories: region. This would allow "local"
stuff to be posted to a "global" site like slashdot,
yet safely ignored by non-locals (assuming they
have their prefs set to suppress these stories).

This would be very helpful for political posts, as well
as other things like coverage of a regional tech-fest
that wouldn't be of global interest.

I've already thought up a default list of regions,
including 10 for the US (I assumed a US-centric bias
for sites like slashdot) and 9 for the rest of the
world. Let me know if you want them.


  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2003-03-11

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    I just don't think its really worth it for the couple
    stories a day we post that are theoretically 'Regional'.
    I'm leaving this in the lo-priority bin in case someone
    really wants to implement it. We already have time zones,
    perhaps thats the best solution, but honestly we'd almost
    need a country field for that to work... and frankly I think
    thats just getting silly. IMHO users can just scroll
    through the occasional story. Perhaps some of the regional
    stories will still interest them. My only beef is things
    like tradeshows. I don't care about a tradeshow in
    argentina. I cant' go to argentina! But we have many users
    in argentina who might.

    <P>Someday perhaps we'll have the time to do this.

  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2003-03-11
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  • shane

    shane - 2006-08-29

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    We've started a project that may do somewhat what you're asking for.

    See <a href="http://lottadot.com/projects/slashmaps">http://lottadot.com/


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