#132 Slashboxes: enhancement ideas


I've found that it's kind of hard to arrange slashboxes
the way I want them, as I have to move each box one
slot at a time and then wait for the page to reload.
Here are some ideas for improvements:

- Add "send to top" and "send to bottom" buttons to
every slashbox displayed. They could maybe look like
double arrows, or an arrow pointing at a horizontal
line (representing the top/bottom).

- Alter behavior so that demoting the bottom slashbox
sends it to the top, while promoting the top slashbox
sends it to the bottom. I guess this wouldn't be
necessary if my first idea were implemented.

- Allow the user to toggle on a "slashbox control
slashbox" that perhaps works in one of the following ways:
1. allow the user to enter a number (via a text box)
controlling how many slots a slashbox should move when
its up/down arrow is clicked, or
2. present a dropdown list of visible slashboxes along
with up/down radio button and text box for designating
how many spaces to move it. User clicks a button to
move the chosen box in the chosen direction by the
chosen number of slots. Or,
3. present a dropdown box for each occupied slot in the
list of visible slashboxes (i.e., if 3 slashboxes are
visible there would be 3 dropdowns). Each dropdown
contains the entire list of visible slashboxes, and the
selected default for each would be the corresponding
slashbox. For example: if the top slashbox is
Freshmeat, the second is Older Stuff, and the third
User Space, the first dropdown would have Freshmeat
selected by default (you get the idea). The user then
selects which slashbox goes in which slot by changing
the dropdown selection and then hitting a submit button
(obviously selecting the same slashbox in two dropdowns
would generate an error page)

Thanks for your consideration!


  • Ben Shadwick

    Ben Shadwick - 2005-10-10
    • summary: Enhancements to Slashboxes --> Slashboxes: enhancement ideas
  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2005-10-18
    • labels: 310783 -->
    • milestone: 423525 -->
  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2005-10-18

    Logged In: YES

    I'd rather just redo the whole thing with AJAX. Anyone up for a patch?


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