#103 People in different timezones need a flexible 'today'


Picture this scenario:

One of the dozen or so people who live outside the US reads
slashdot until he leaves work at 8pm. He gets back in to work at
9am the next morning to find a completely new front page with
several stories that he _hasn't seen_ relegated to 'yesterday's'

People with different, particularly 12 hour out of phase timezones
need a different today borderline so that they have a reasonable
chance of seeing new articles on the front page. Possibly at least
one or two of those dozen outside the US probably even work only
a normal 9-5 day.

It couldn't possible be a load problem since only a dozen people
outside the US read slashdot (main consumer) and are thus
affected by this bug.

This could probably be based on timezone setting...


  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2004-05-27

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    The problem on our end is that we pace story posting to the eastern time
    zone... so if you viewed the day according to another time zone, you'd
    see stories in a different way then we originally intended. This isn't a big
    deal, but its enough that I'm not willing to make this a priority. I'm
    putting it in low priority feature requests... if someone wants it.. go
    ahead and implement it!

  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2004-05-27
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