#1 Request: Calendar in form of story queue


It would be useful to have a calender in the backend which looked similar to the story queue, with events listed in brief form like the headline of a story by time order of their beginning time, and linked to a fuller description if necessary. It could be linked to like any of the other queues in the backend.

This calender would be useful to site authors / editors so they can alert their coworkers to upcoming plans, deadlines, hoped-for dates for certain stories or expected events, etc.

This could also use color coding the way the story queue does to indicate story display status, perhaps assigning brighter / bolder colors to urgent events, black on white for more routine ones, and a lighter color for tentative ones.

A few entries into such a calendar might read something like this:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Milkday 11th January, 2008

[#] [Mob Ralda will be out on his lobster boat 21st-26th January] [cmbrtaco][23:11]
[#] [Clint Woodsy in transit to secret Ask Slashdot summit] [clint] [12:08]
[#] [Reminder: deadline today for Vegas trip confirmation] [cmbrtaco][11:00]
[#] [DeCSS trial expected to end today by noon; watch!] [meikel] [09:36]



  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2000-10-04

    Interesting idea. Of course, low priority. :)

  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2000-10-04
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  • shane

    shane - 2001-05-24

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    Checkout the calendar plugin that's being done:


  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2003-02-10
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