#405 Why Meta-Moderate Uninteresting Threads?

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Walt French

I'm happy to meta-moderate, but I don't think I can add much
value to rants about communism versus the RIAA, subtleties of
different video cards' gaming performance or a whole raft of topics
such as I see when I DO M2.

Seems like a waste of time for all concerned... even if I chase
down the parent thread, it takes me a long time to get the context
that a post might be "off-topic" from, etc. And since I don't
understand these areas that well, my opinions -- even, I'll guess,
the fact that I let a rating stand -- seem to merely increase
randomness in the ratings.

Maybe the choice of topics for meta-moderation could be lifted
from my profile, or be tracked separately?


  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2004-09-02

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    This is highly unlikely to happen, sorry. Though we'll consider it when we
    look at moderation in the coming months.

  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2004-09-02
    • milestone: --> Slash 2.5/3.0
    • assigned_to: jamiemccarthy --> cmdrtaco
    • status: open --> open-wont-fix
  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2004-09-13
    • status: open-wont-fix --> closed-wont-fix

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