#4561 Username starts with number - Login & mail passwd broken

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I think I see two issues:

As of the last week or two, Slashdot refuses to let me (3vi1 - 544505) login. It always claims the password is wrong, though I know it's not.

Issue #1: Telling the system to mail me my password by my user handle results in the message saying it can only do that twice every 48 hours (though I last tried 6 days ago). However, it *will* mail it to me if I use my UID.

Issue #2: BUT... the link in the mail doesn't work. It simply takes me to a login page. I'm guessing it's failing to login due to something else wrong with my account, and throwing me back to the login page. Trying to enter the password received in the mail on that (or any other) login page results in the standard "Danger Will Robinson..." error as if it's the wrong password.

Thanks in advance for looking into this.


  • Jesse Litton

    Jesse Litton - 2011-06-08

    I think I see the problem. Someone with a lower UID has managed to change their handle to be the same as mine!

    Going to http://slashdot.org/~3vi1 shows a UID on the right of 517688. How could they do that?!?! If you look up 3vi1 and slashdot in Google, or look at any of the old topics I've posted on, you'll see the nick has always been associated with 544505. You don't appear to be able to login by UID, only by nick. :\

  • Jesse Litton

    Jesse Litton - 2011-06-16

    Got an email from Bob Roberts that they were running into a bug that affected people with #'s in their user name. All fixed now. Thanks Bob!

  • Jesse Litton

    Jesse Litton - 2011-06-16
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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