#4539 CSS line height issue after oneline classes


In Chrome, FF, and IE (all for Windows), I noticed the CSS line-height for some comments gets changed to 40px. The following statement is having some unintended consequences.

#comments li .oneline .commentBody {
line-height: 40px;

The problem is that there can be nested lists in online divs. So every sub-comment ends getting a 40px line height in its commentBody. I believe what you really want to do is the following. That would give the 40px line height ONLY to the comment in the online div and not sub-comments.

#comments li .oneline > div > .commentBody

For an example, look at the following comment.



  • bluon

    bluon - 2011-03-02
    • summary: CSS line height issue after online classes --> CSS line height issue after oneline classes
  • kthenry

    kthenry - 2011-03-13

    This is a huge annoyance when reading comments on slashdot, and severely degrades the experience. The same problem occurs with the moderation score selector, which is

    #comments li .oneline .score

    and should be something like

    #comments li .oneline > div > .commentTop .score

    With such an easy fix, I hope this can be applied soon.


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