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#4505 Chrome "7.0.517.5 dev" unable to paste into Comment field

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I'm not sure exactly what the culprit is, but I'm on Linux using Google Chrome "7.0.517.5 dev" and I can't paste into the /. comment field. Using any of the following nothing appears to happen, although I seem to end up with a single space in the paste buffer despite it having other contents beforehand: shift-insert, ctrl-v, right-click and 'paste'.

A friend using the same version, but on windows isn't having the same problem. It's possible it's some Chrome extension that's to blame but I've retested with all of them disabled (open extensions, disable all, reload /. tab, try again).

IMPORTANT: Pasting works if it's the *first* thing I do in the comment box. It doesn't if I've already typed something in.

I have retested with a blank Chrome profile (quit out of Chrome, mv ~/.config/google-chrome ~/.config/WAS-google-chrome, restart Chrome which makes a new profile) and still see the same problem.

Could well be a Linux-specific Chrome bug but thought I'd give you a heads up.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-12-12

    I'm seeing this as well with Chromium 10.0.609.0.

  • Mike Warot

    Mike Warot - 2011-01-04

    Same thing with Chome 8.0.552.224 on Windows 7


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