#4363 Subject lines in certain areas show up with white background

Matt Kane

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.10, with NoScript and AdBlock Plus installed, on Windows XP SP2.

I have NoScript set to allow everything on Slashdot, and I even tried disabling Adblock Plus. I browse in Nested mode. The resolution on this screen is 1280x1024, character encoding is set to UTF-8.

Here's the URL in my screenshot: http://tech.slashdot.org/story/09/05/28/1330226/KOffice-200-Now-Open-For-Firefox-Like-Extensions


  • Matt Kane

    Matt Kane - 2009-05-28
  • fusen

    fusen - 2009-05-30

    I also have this problem, I managed to locate what's causing it on the client side at least via Firebug;

    First screenshot is me logged in with no white title background;

    the second is me logged out, with colour;

    Each image also shows Firebug detecting the relevant CSS that is associated with the 'title' class. When I'm logged in, I do not get the background image included.

    I have in the past enabled the old "simple design" which you seem to have changed now and things don't seem to have been carried over so well :P

  • Randolph Crawford

    It happens only on articles that use the green/teal color scheme, and only when I'm logged in.

    I suspect there's a CSS class with an invalid background color spec, which then defaults to white.

  • Ben Crowell

    Ben Crowell - 2009-06-05

    This is the same as bugs 2800590 and 2800608. See the comments on 2800590 for a more complete description of how to reproduce it.


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