#3477 Error submitting a story on Slashdot.

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Hello, I am trying to submit a story to Slashdot.
Specifically a Book review. I fill in all of the fields on the
http://slashdot.org/submit.pl form, and click Preview
Story. The page I am taken to has the slashdot template
but is otherwise blank.

I chose Book Reviews as the section and Entertainment
as the topic. I pasted HTML-formatted text for my story,
choosing that option for the format.

I am running MSIE 6.0 on WinXP Home.

Dan Shaurette


  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2005-10-02

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    Is this replicatable?

    (Maybe a books skin template problem?)

  • Jamie McCarthy

    Jamie McCarthy - 2005-10-02
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  • Pankaj Kumar

    Pankaj Kumar - 2005-10-03

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    I, too, encountered the same problem with MSIE 6.0 on WinXP.
    Was able to submit the same story with Firefox, though.

    Looks like a problem with new CSS stylesheets and MSIE.

  • Dan Shaurette

    Dan Shaurette - 2005-10-03

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    I did not try to submit a different story, but I was able to leave
    a message in my journal with no troubles. I will attempt to
    post my book review using Firefox and let you know if I have
    an issue with that.

  • Dan Shaurette

    Dan Shaurette - 2005-10-03

    Logged In: YES

    I was able to successfully submit the review using FireFox.
    So indeed there would seem to be a CSS or Javascript issue
    with the submit page not liking MSIE. It probably is in the
    template, but I'll attempt posting a story that is not a book
    review to see if it is just the Books template.

  • Jason Houk

    Jason Houk - 2005-10-31

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    I have also been experiencing problems with posting a story.
    In my case I keep getting directed back to the submit.pl
    page with the same submit form showing up but no preview
    so I can not submit the story.


  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2005-11-01

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    Please write out exactly what you do, step by step, starting with the URL you go
    to, what you click on, what you type in what fields, etc. Try to keep it to the
    minimum required to duplicate the error. Don't leave anything out. Thanks.

  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2005-12-19
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  • Chris Nandor

    Chris Nandor - 2005-12-19

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    OK, no response, so closing.

  • Rob Malda

    Rob Malda - 2006-06-20
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