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SlackX X11R7.2 released


I'm happy to announce SlackX X11R7.2!

Have fun!

Best regards,

Posted by Carlos Diógenes 2007-03-19

xkeyboard-config problem resolved


I make the SlackBuild of xkeyboard-config right in SVN. Now I will only thest a little more some modifications in the script and in the next week I believe that I will publish an official release of SlackX.

Best regards,

Posted by Carlos Diógenes 2007-03-17

SlackX X11R7.2


There is already a version of SlackX that compile X11R7.2 in the SVN repository. I'm having problems with xkb, but this is the only problem that I'm having for now. The rest is working very good, but I will try to solve this first, before make a new SlackX release.

See instructions to checkout SlackX from SVN:

I also done some conceptual modification in my project, that is not make available pre-compiled packages. This is a work that I can't support, so if you like the scripts and find it usefull, cool. Otherwise, SlackX is not what you are looking for, sorry!... read more

Posted by Carlos Diógenes 2007-03-16

SlackX staled!

Hey, doesn't despair yourself. I'm just creating other script, SlackGNOME, that will have the same philosophy of SlackX, and it is giving more work than I could think, so I think that will not be possible to update SlackX to the development stage of X. I think that the next release will be only when X11R7.2 be out. Something that will not take much time :-) So, don't get angry if you couldn't fill bugs to X bugzilla using SlackX!

Posted by Carlos Diógenes 2007-02-10

SlackX X11R7.1 v0.4 released

This version correct the error that the script can't build .tar.gz sources.

Other minor fixes where also applied.

Posted by Carlos Diógenes 2007-02-08

SlackX X11R7.1 v0.3 released

SlackX X11R7.1 v0.3 is released. This correct lot of issues in the scripts. It's also add a new option, 'install', that permits you download and install the tgz files. Faciliting and making faster X11R7.1 installation.

Posted by Carlos Diógenes 2007-02-06

Corrected problem with the proto.txt file

When the first release was done the proto.txt was moved to the utilities folder. Now it's back to the TOP dir, making the script work again. Sorry for the confusion.

Posted by Carlos Diógenes 2007-02-06

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