#40 Animal looks for ImageMagick 5.4.2


Hello there,

I'm very interested in using SIP, but I'm having problems with the installation.

While compiling animal I got an error with ./configure, I got the following error:

checking for ImageMagick - version >= 5.4.2... no
*** The $ac_path_lib_imagemagick_config script installed by ImageMagick could not be found.
*** If ImageMagick was installed in PREFIX, make sure PREFIX/bin is in
*** your path, or set the IMAGEMAGICK_CONFIG environment variable to the
*** full path to $ac_path_lib_imagemagick_config.
configure: error: ImageMagick version >= 5.4.2 was not found.

Image Magick is certainly installed and the the shell is responsive to commands like "convert"

I'm working in Fedora 9. 32 bit machine

Thanks in advance



  • Ricardo Fabbri

    Ricardo Fabbri - 2009-04-17


    if convert works, then tell me the version:

    $ convert --version

    Also, what version of animal are you using?

    Please send us the config.log file from inside animal and we will solve this pbm asap. It should be simple.


  • Ricardo Fabbri

    Ricardo Fabbri - 2010-10-13
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