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I put the following note on the e-mail list thinking I
had a syntax error. When another user saw the same
problem, I decided it may be a bug:

I recently installed SIP 0.4.0 for Windows on a WinXP
machine. I am using it with Scilab 4.0. When I try to
use the mogrify command to crop an image I just get the
complete original image back, e.g.

crop_image = mogrify(in_image,['-crop','20x20']);

where in_image is an 80x80 normalized grayscale image,
crop_image is the same 80x80 image. I have tried with
and without ! and everything else I could think of. I
also don't know how to properly specidfy the x,y offset
for cropped image.
The other mogrify commands that I have tried seem to
work. For example resize works (although I haven't
figured out how to specify an offset there either). Is
there a problem with my command syntax?

Tim Strand


  • Ricardo Fabbri
    Ricardo Fabbri

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    Ricardo Fabbri

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    Also doesn't work in the recent linux CVS version of SIP.
    Right syntax would be ['-crop','20x20+0+0'], where +x+y specify the offset of the 20x20 crop region.
    This works with mogrify in the commandline (unix shell), but not within SIP. Probably a parsing issue.
    Will fix ASAP. Sorry for the long time in answering your request.

  • Ricardo Fabbri
    Ricardo Fabbri

    • summary: mogrify crop command not working in xp --> mogrify crop command not working