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New version 0.2.8 released


I just released version 0.2.8 of SIPTAPI. It fixes a stupid bug which was introduced in 0.2.6. Further, releasing of the call should be faster now.

Here are all changes:

v. 0.2.8
- outbound proxy is now always a loose-router, if ;lr parameter is not present it will be added internally
- fix bug: wait maximum 25seconds for NOTIFY, then send BYE anyway
- logfile renamed to c:\siptapi_0.2.log

v. 0.2.7 (not released)
- fix bug: proper handling of 401 response
- new (faster) handling of line close/drop
- successfully tested against Telinta hosted platform (

Posted by Klaus Darilion 2010-02-06

64bit support

Since version 0.2.6 also 64bit binaries will be provided.

Posted by Klaus Darilion 2009-06-09