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New Siproxd Release 0.8.2

A new release of siproxd is available.

Release Notes for siproxd-0.8.2

A long time has gone by since the last official siproxd release.
But development has not stood still. Behind the curtains of public
releases work has continued and some exciting new features have been

All this work in progress between public releases has been and is
available in the daily code snapshots available for download.
But now - finally - it is time for another public release.... read more

Posted by Thomas Ries 2016-04-23

Release 0.7.1

This siproxd release introduces dynamically loadable plug-ins. The API consists of 3 mandatory functions that a plug-in has to implement. A plugin can take control at every important point of the processing. Siproxd now builds with libosip2-3.1.x - some function names have been renamed.
Beside that, we are still looking for pople willing to help on the Cygwin port (getting the plug-in API ported).

Posted by Thomas Ries 2008-07-23

Siproxd 0.5.12 Released

Major changes since 0.5.11 are:
A "Short-Dial" feature has been included.
A number of bugfixes have been made. These include issues with Grandstream phones and the "unregister at startup" option, as well as issues with the expiration timeout.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2006-04-15

Siproxd 0.5.11 Released

After 3 months, the next release of siproxd is finally available.

New features are: Siproxd does support setting the DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point - Quality of Service) value for relayed (sent) RTP packets. It is not required anymore to run siproxd on the NAT router itself, siproxd can now be run on an internal host "in front of" the NAT router. This make siproxd usable with installations that use an out-of-the-box ADSL NAT router. The new (changed) API of libosip2-2.2.x is supported now. Several bugfixes have been made, check the ChangeLog for details.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2005-05-05

siproxd-0.5.9 released

This new release mainly introduces support for SIP Record-Route headers. A number of issues with various SIP providers should be history now.
Upgrade to this version is highly recommended!

Posted by Thomas Ries 2004-11-03

siproxd 0.5.6 released

This release includes major bugfixes. Siproxd does now operate with as SIP registrar.
Siproxd is known to build under Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, SunOS and Mac OS X operating system. Building for fli4l 2.1.7 (see for more info) has been reworked.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2004-05-20

siproxd-0.5.4 released

Siproxd is a proxy/masquerading daemon for the SIP protocol. It allows SIP clients (like kphone, linphone) to work behind an IP masquerading firewall or router. This release includes bugfixes in the area of proxy authorization, registration and SUBSCRIBE handling. Also minor documentation and FAQ updates have been made.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2004-03-08

siproxd 0.5.2

Meanwhile siproxd has reached its release 0.5.2. If you are unsing an older version you are highly recommended to upgrade, there are many enhancements in SIP processing as well as bugfixes.
Also try the daily snapshot
and read the ChangeLog

Posted by Thomas Ries 2004-02-01

siproxd-0.4.0: Outbound Proxy

Siproxd now can be used as a pure 'outbound proxy', so local UAs can register to 3rd party registration services. The IPCHAINS based RTP proxy is now considered working stable. Some minor bugfixes have been made to correct an error that sometimes manifested itself in siproxd not beeing able to parse a received SIP packet.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2003-10-11


On Linux, siproxd now provides IPCHAINS based UDP masquerading support for proxying incomming RTP traffic. This makes some delicate SIP phones (like the Grandstream BudgeTone-100) work with siproxd masquerading them.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2003-09-22


As I'm currently abroad (until August '03) and therefore currently have no time to perform work on siproxd, I decided to release the current snapshot as 0.3.3.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2003-07-05

siproxd-0.3.0 major fixes

Siproxd now supports libosip2.
Some bugfixes concerning NULL pointers have been made, the authentication code has been rewritten and now works again (using libosip2). Also a major resource leak that has been introduced with 0.2.7 was fixed (sockets got allocated and never freed again).
This release of siproxd has been successfully tested with M$ Windows Messenger 4.6, linphone and kphone.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2003-03-29

OPT_SIP for fli4l "on(e) disk router"

Juergen Schneider has created a first release of an OPT_SIP for fli4l 2.0.x.. It can be downloaded from:

Posted by Thomas Ries 2003-03-23

siproxd-0.2.8 - heading for FLI4L OPT_SIP

This release mainly introduces the ability to build siproxd on linux libc5 system (e.g SUSE 5.3) and uClibc. Support for libc5 and uClibc is the key to build an OPT_SIP for FLI4L (, a linux based "on(e)-disk-router". Development for the OPT_SIP is currently going on.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2003-03-23

siproxd: daily snapshots

Daily snapshots of the siproxd package (source tar.gz archive) are available at

Posted by Thomas Ries 2003-01-21

siproxd-0.2.4 - FreeBSD supported

This is the first release that properly builds on FreeBSD (OpenBSD and NetBSD probably too - not yet tested). Other minor functional improvements, such as better support for dial-up connections (non-static IP addresses)

Posted by Thomas Ries 2002-11-23

siproxd-0.2.2 released

Siproxd is an masquerading SIP proxy for softphones hidden behind masquerading firewalls.

This release includes additional support for individual passwords per user for proxy authentication. Further it contains some minor fixes and some code cleanup.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2002-10-12

siproxd-0.2.1 released

- RPM packages (SPEC file) support
- IP based access lists for UA registration / general access
- syslog support
- preliminary proxy authentication support

Posted by Thomas Ries 2002-09-27

siproxd-0.2.0 released

Version 0.2.0 has just been released. There are just some minor functional improvements compared to 0.1.3 - but I think it has now reached a state where it might be useful to non-developers (pronounced 'users' ;-).

Posted by Thomas Ries 2002-09-17

siproxd-0.1.2 with RTP proxy support

Siproxd 0.1.2 now has *experimental* support for proxying incomming RTP data streams. This eliminates the need for doing port-forwarding on the firewall itself. The range of ports that siporxd will use for receive incomming RTP streams is configurable.

Posted by Thomas Ries 2002-09-07