problem when being logged in on multiple systems

  • Michael Schmitz

    Michael Schmitz - 2014-02-26


    Hi all,

    as many of you guys out there I do not only have a Linux box, but also two Windog workstations that I'm using alternately over the day. Since we're using Communicator in the Windog world, I thought it was a good idea to have Pidgin/SIPE under Linux.
    All in all it works fine, but there's one issue I found. When I'm logged in in the Communicators on both of my Windog PCs and a colleague of mine sends me a message, I get a notification on both PCs. As soon as I open the notification on one of the PCs, a chat session is established between this PC and the remote peer. That's fine. As soon as I log in with my Pidgin/SIPE, things change. Pidgin/SIPE immediately establishes the chat session, I no longer see the notifications on my Windows PCs. This is fine as long as I sit in front of my Linux workstation, but really bad if I don't. I don't get the message in this case.
    Is there anything I could do?


    • Stefan Becker

      Stefan Becker - 2014-02-26

      I guess no. When SIPE receives an INVITE, it acknowledges it.


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