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sumbit usecases of SiniS

Are you using SiniS? is it helpfull? Then please do not hesitate to send Us your usecase. You can do so on our Website uder Http://
Your usecase can help SiniS to become even more successful.

Posted by Michael Mimo Moratti 2004-08-07

Alpha release of Permission GUI

I am proud to announce that we have a first stable alpha release of the permission gui. This gui allows you to manage the permission xml in an easy way. It is the missing link to make the permissioning for cvs user friendly.

Posted by Michael Mimo Moratti 2004-06-20

SiniS Gui is in pre alpha state

The codebase for the GUI that handles the permissions xml file is in CVS and soon it first alpha release will be published

Posted by Michael Mimo Moratti 2004-06-03

First release of permission tool

We have released the first initial release 1.0 of Sinis permission tool, This is a collection of two perl files that allow you to have permissions in cvs

Posted by Michael Mimo Moratti 2004-03-11

Initial developement is in progress

I am currently developing the first implementation of the API. So far the checkout mechanism is working successfuly.

Posted by Michael Mimo Moratti 2003-12-06