Sinaps / News: Recent posts

Name Change

Under threat of a lawsuit from C & R, Inc., I am changing the name of the project from Sinaps to INAN ("I Need A Name").

Posted by John B. Cole 2002-03-20

Sinaps prerelease available for download!

This is a pre-alpha development version of Sinaps, but you are free to take it and use it.

Posted by John B. Cole 2000-11-16

Alpha version of Sinaps debuted!

A web site running the current Sinaps development was supposed to be shown off at the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators meeting last week. Due to non-Sinaps-related network problems, the premiere was unsuccessful, but preparations for the debut included a successful port from IIS 4/SQL Server 7 to Apache (Win32)/MySQL(Win32).

Posted by John B. Cole 2000-11-16

Rapid Development

Many hours of development over the past three days have led to several refinements in the look and feel of the interface and in the function libraries. I hope to post some screenshots and updated code in the next few days.

Posted by John B. Cole 2000-10-11

Here we go!

After several weeks spent working on other things, I am back at work again on Sinaps. Look for a Glial code release next week (the week of 17 September). The new laptop is due to arrive tomorrow, and LSU is on the road at Auburn, so maybe I will code some on Saturday for a sneak preview release.

Posted by John B. Cole 2000-09-12

Project started!

Development of Sinaps has begun in earnest. The first code to be posted here will probably be some library (PHP include) files that I am using to support Sinaps, but that are portable. Glail (GLial Is A Library) is a set of PHP functions that I have written to produce nicely-formatted HTML (okay, so it simply replaces HTML tags with my own tags, but you get the idea), and it will probably be posted today or tomorrow.

Posted by John B. Cole 2000-07-28