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Release of Simutrans 120.2.1

This is mostly a bug fix for the SDL2 code and contains also quite a huge optimisation of the drawing tool. Multibyte languages now should also work nicely with SDL2.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2017-02-27

Release of Simutrans 120.2

Apart from many bug fixes, the contains major new features. User scriptable AI, transparent colors for shadows, smoke or light effects, factory animations and sound and more.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2017-02-13

Release of SImutrans 120.1.2

A new Simutrans version has been released; Focussed on bug fixes.

Posted by TurfIt 2016-01-07

Release of SImutrans 120.1.1

Almost identical to 120.1 but fixes a crash when "no_routint_over_overcrowded=1" was set.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2015-11-04

Release of Simutrans 120.1

Most prominent feature is a new "just in time" good distribution system. It is off by default, but you can enable it in It also fixes a longstanding bug on how passengers were counted. Hence the number in the city statistics will change a lot (to their correct values). Other than that the last yer saw many bug fixing.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2015-11-01

Release of Simutrans 120.0.1

This is the first stable version, suitable for long time network play with the new landscape. The main focus was bug removal, most of them were connected to the new double height code.

Also by now almost all major pak sets support double height and climates.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2014-11-16

Release of Simutrans 120.0

This release is the first version with a new landscape code, allowing for smoother hills and various climates at one height level. So far only pak64 and pak64.japan use this, but pak128.britain will soon follow. Due to the many changes, this is only a release candidate.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2014-04-27

Release of Simutrans 112.2

A new Simutrans version has been released, focussed on bug fixes and extension of scenarios.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2013-03-17

Release of Simutrans 112.1

With many improvements in online gaming and many bugfixes. The improved depot window make creating of convoy more enjoyable.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2012-12-23

Release of Simutrans 112.0

Apart from many bug fixes and better multithreading support, the new scripted scenarios are most noteworthy for this version.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2012-10-22

Release of SImutrans 111.3.1

This version contains mostly bugfixes and a new makeobj (to take advantage of kg weights of vehciles).

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2012-07-30

Release of Simutrans 111.2.2

This is mostly a bugfix release, which fixes serious bugs relating way reservations, settings dialoge and network stuff.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2012-03-20

Release of SImutrans 111.2.1

Since 111.2 had a severe bug when creating zipped savegames, 111.2.1 is fixing this bug.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2012-02-28

Release of Simutrans 111.2

Mostly bugfix release, together with updated pak64, pak128, and pak48.excentrique. Enjoy playing!

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2012-02-26

Release of Simutrans 111.1

New version of simutrans 111.1 released, including the latest updates on pak and many bug fixes. Revenue of passengers is now determined by the actual max. speed, including ways and loading level.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2012-01-23

Release of SImutrans 111.0

Featuring big improvements in gameplay concerning network play, factories, and selection of passengers destionations.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2011-11-01

Rerelease of 110-0-1

Due to some critical bug loading older games in the yesterday release (10.3..2011) of simutrans: PLEASE DOWNLOAD EXECUTABLE AGAIN. Thank you!

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2011-03-11

Simutrans 110.0.1 released

Mostly a bugfix release fixing some severe errors with SDL and improve network games on worlds with many trees.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2011-03-10

Releasing stable 110.0

After nearly a year a new stable with the online gaming mode: built a world network with up to 14 other players.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2011-02-14

Online installer updated

to incorporate all pak sets in the current state.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2010-04-08

Releasing stable 102-2-2

After long testing the stable 102-2-2 is released. It is the last of the 102 branch. Next version is planned to incorporate network gaming support.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2010-03-07

Release of 102-2-1

Proudly announcing version 102-2-1 (stable) for Simutrans. The first release with a feature freeze and thourough debugging.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2009-12-09

Simutrans 102.2 releaed

Simutrans has released the version 102.2 (stable) with lots of optimisations , bug fixes and usability improments. Faster, more stable and more flexible than ever a transport simulation before ...

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2009-10-18

Simutrans: 102-0 (stable) released

Simutrans is a transport simulation games. Planes, ships, trains, trams, trucks, busses, or monorails are at your disposal. But factories have contracts and passengers will only travel to their own destinations. Many graphic sets (paks) are available.

In the last two month the base of developers has increased. Thus many new features (like rivers) have been added and lots of bugs removed.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2009-03-07

Simutrans 101-1 released

Due to our nightly system, releases are now sparse. This is the last relase before incorporation of nework gaming support and comes with many new features and error corrections. Especially users of the 100-0 release should update.

Posted by Markus Pristovsek 2009-01-08

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