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Thyroid hormones play an important role for metabolism, growth and differentiation. Therefore, exact regulation of thyroid hormone levels is vital for most organisms.

Although the principles of thyrotropic feedback control have been described decades ago we still have not yet gained comprehensive understanding of its dynamics.

SimThyr is a simulation program for the pituitary thyroid feedback control that is based on a parametrically isomorphic model of the overall system that aims in a better insight into the dynamics of thyrotropic feedback. Applications of this program cover research, including development of hypotheses, and education of students in biology and medicine, nurses and patients.

This is a free application that is offered on the base of a BSD licence. Binaries are available for Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows, sourcecode requires THINK Pascal (for Mac OS Classic) or Lazarus/Free Pascal (for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux).

The algorithms underlying the continuous simulation process have been released in several publications. They may also be applied in form of classical mathematical modelling, however using them in a computer simulation provides a deeper insight into temporal dynamics of thyroid homeostasis.

Please find additional information on versions and code in this developer Wiki. For information on application usage and on thyrotropic feedback control in general please visit our project Wiki.

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