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SIMSA Subverted...

We're happy to announce that we finally took the time to submit the trunk to a Subversion repo. It is available for annonymous access via:

Expect a trunk refactoring that puts emphasis on <em>language</em> instead of purpose. That way you can download a snapshot of the language you want to work in instead of the entire source.

Posted by Kyle Reed 2007-02-24

Still Active

The SIMSA project has been integrated into one of Saginaw Valley State University's CIS programs taught by professor Scott James. He hopes to use the project to reinforce Networking API lessons without requiring the class to learn a more complicated API with complex calling conventions. A module will be implemented to interact with the complex API and it will expose a light API.

Posted by Kyle Reed 2007-02-02

New Home Page

The SIMSA project home page with source code and binaries is up and running at

Posted by Kyle Reed 2006-08-10


As of 8/7/2006 the SIMSA project has a new open source home on SourceForge!

Posted by Kyle Reed 2006-08-08