#393 LDAP user cannot login


Simple Groupware version: e.g. 0.745
Simple Groupware language: e.g. English
PHP Version: e.g. PHP 5.4.8
Database + Version: e.g. MySQL 5.5.25
Server OS: Darwin Kernel Version 10.8.0
Webserver: e.g. Apache 2.4.3
openldap server 2.4.36
Used webbrowser Firefox 24.0
Your role: User

All the software is on the same Mac OS X. I can login as the ldap user using telnet and ssh.
When I try to login at the SGW console, I got the following error,

Login failed from myIPaddress. (ldap) (Invalid credentials)

Under Change Setup Setting, in the LDAP section I have the following,
host: myhostname
Base DN: dc=mydomain,dc=com
User DN: cn=Manager,dc=mydomain,dc=com
Password: thepassword
UID: uid

As I understand, the UserDN is different than the ldap user being tried, since I'm going to have many ldap users who need login.

Using the "Switch maintenance mode", I made it to be Inactive, but it didn't work. The popup screen indicating the mode at the top starts with a word "Error:", and followed by telling me the mode (currently Inactive).

I manually created a same named user with the same password within SGW like the ldap user, since the "Automatically create user" check box didn't work for me.

I read the docs, but so far haven't get to anywhere. I'd appreciate it greatly if you can help me to solve this issue.



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