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Simple 2.3.2 released

Simple is a truly embeddable open source (LGPL) HTTP engine. The goal of the project is to provide a high performance HTTP engine with a component based API for extendability. Simple can be extended to facilitate loadable HTTP services, which provide functionality comparable to Java Servlets.


This release of Simple is released under the LGPL. The revision provides improvements for international URI formats with UTF-8 escape sequences supported. There are also improvements to the MapperEngine to support auto loading of services, performance increases and bug fixes have also been addressed.

Posted by Niall Gallagher 2003-12-16

Simple v2.2 released

Simple is a comprehensive Java framework for the development of HTTP services. The framework consists of an API for the development of Java HTTP services and a service engine to process them. The API provided enables service components similar to Java Servlets to be developed. Simple is targeted at sites that require high concurrency and performance.

This release of Simple provides increased support for internationalization, a simplification of the API, and many bug fixes. The API now supports the ability to reload content objects dynamically so that changes to code do not require a restart of the server. Support for the chunked transfer encoding is introduced so that dynamic content can be used with Persistent HTTP (PHTTP) connections. There are also many new examples and a default server implementation provided.

Posted by Niall Gallagher 2003-03-06

Simple 2.1.2 released

Simple is a comprehensive Java framework for the development of HTTP services. Simple consists of service engine and an API comparable to Servlets, and is targeted at sites that require high performance and concurrency.

This release addressed some signifigant bugs within the core API and provides various enhancements to the API. The primary changes are:

- Bug fix for LoaderEngine to resolve request URI strings
- Bug fix for DefaultFormat to handle /. requests
- Various improvements to the IndexedResource
- Various improvements to the IndexedContent
- Performance enhancements to the URIParser
- Code cleanup for the various objects
- Changes to the BufferContent implementation
- Bug fix for the PageBuffer implementation

Posted by Niall Gallagher 2003-01-12