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moved to PEAR

SimpleTemplate moved to PEAR and got renamed, it is now called HTML_Template_Xipe. For the newest versions please see

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2003-01-17

Vote for SimpleTemplate

On phpkitchen you can vote for SimpleTemplate.
If you think this piece of code is worth it go to:

BTW - currently we have place 2 behind Smarty but the others are close :-)



Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-08-27

version 1.5.1 released

Finally I have released version 1.5.1 which i wanted to do already for a long time.
And finally there is a documentation :-) have a look at it at
Many feature enhancements and bug fixes for making it more stable. Update soon!

regards Wolfram

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-08-04

Documentation and new version soon!

A real documentation exists!
please be sure to look at the docs:
as a PDF file (~260K) -
as an OpenOffice file (~22K)
one HTML file (~53K)
NOTE: due to exporting the file the indentions in the HTML are not shown correctly!

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-08-02

Version 1.5 released

Finally it's there, the caching feature.
Now you can cache the final output.
Many feature improvements, please be sure to see the examples.

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-06-02

Version 1.4.1 and enhanced doc

In the new version some features people have requested have been implemented.
And I updated the fullFeatured-example, which also serves as the doc, you can find that online here:

Have fun


Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-05-14

Version 1.4

Changed the way of registering methods as filters, be sure to look in the release notes.

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-04-15

Version 1.2

The major changes are bugfixes and relying on new PEAR classes "Tree" and "I18N", which before were not in PEAR.
The error handling was enhanced, so setting up this class is much easier now.

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-02-26

Version 1.1

Finally there is a working version on Sourceforge, after struggeling a bit with it i got it. Try it and tell me your thoughts.
If anyone feels like joining the development and extending it you are welcome to join, just drop me a line.

Examples will follow in the contrib, for now you can check them out at:


Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-02-07

Stable version

You can already check out the stable version on
and see it in action, there too.
It is already in use in a couple of projects.
The move to sourceforge will take place soon.

Posted by Wolfram Kriesing 2002-02-07