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2.0.1 Release (alpha) available

This release adds an enhancement/optimisation to collapse terminal productions within the grammar. The effect should be to markedly speed up certain types of grammars which are very formal in their definition of elements, creating multiple levels of indirection for simple literals. The cost is a slightly increased "compilation" time for the grammars, and a strong requirement that mxTextTools 2.1.0 be used.

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2003-06-23

Major updates in CVS

I've just checked in some huge updates to the package, enough that I've bumped the version to 2.0.0a1. New stuff:

Ability to define non-default actions for productions during parsing (i.e. the CallTag, and Append* flags from mx.TextTools are now exposed). The API for this is still under consideration (not sure whether to make the method source use a method for retrieving the values or remain with direct attribute access), but the code is working nicely and changes should be fairly minor.... read more

Posted by Mike C. Fletcher 2002-06-30