#1 SimPE for MacOSX?


Are there any plans to port SimPE to OSX??

If not I would be interested in doing that.
I am using OSX 10.3, XCode and G5 2Mhz dual proc.
SimPE looks like a good tool that I could really use on my mac.

Let me know....
Lon Giese
Alturas CA


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'd be interested in SimPE for OSX too. I used to have it on my laptop (before
    it broke) and it was a very neat program. I'd love to be able to use it on my

    Millie G.

  • N. H-T

    N. H-T - 2006-06-02

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    I would really like this too. I have no access to a PC and I really want this for my
    computer. I hope it's possible.

  • Quaxi

    Quaxi - 2006-10-02

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    I am not planing to create a native port of SimPE, but
    anyone who likes to do so, iw more than welcome.

    However, I am contantly testing wether or not SimPE is
    running on the Mac using Mono, an OpenSource alternative for
    the .NET Framework. So far I only had limited succes (didn't
    try for about two months), but I was able to start
    WizardsOfSimPE, and list several Objects there.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    FUSE has recently been ported over to the mac. http://googlemac.blogspot.com/2007/01/taming-mac-os-x-file-systems.html

    I'd like to find more information about the file protocols inside the sims2 .package format.

    I'm thinking it might be interesting to find someone with the skills to write a FUSE file system to open game files, initially package files, and display their contents as a directory. Then it could be up to anyone else to write the tools that access the files inside that directory.

    I feel this would allow more development on multiple OS's by providing a protocol foundation. The SimFUSE filesystem could later be updated to implement interpretations of the data files contained in the package I.E. allowing access to the contents of a texture as directory holding a bitmap (imagine drag and drop texture replacement.) Further extensions would be implemented to facilitate access to meshes, behaviours, animations, essentially opening object creation to a broader base of users.

    Perhaps utilizing xml to hold some of the information common between the elements of the package.

    As a self professed jack of all trades (and admittedly master of none), this concept is presently way beyond my skills. I can, however, see the fertile seed this idea could be.

    Although conceptual at this time, please consider that this idea is copyright, it and its derivations may be distributed under the terms of GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.


  • WoodenItBeNice

    WoodenItBeNice - 2007-01-23

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    O.K. I just proved the master of none part. I REALLY should have created an account BEFORE posting the message about fuse. I'm sure weblogs somewhere will be able to successfully tie this message to the previous one.

  • JDuarte, DJ Programmer

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    As this is a Win32 app and not Linux i think it's rather unprobable that anyone would care doing a SimPE to MacOSX even if EA GAMES has expanded to MacOSX


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